Grade Level Teams and Exploratory Links

Blizzard Bag Links and Information: Please note, this page will be updated later this fall. This information can serve only as a guide to what you might expect this year 2019/2020.

Grade 5 Blizzard Bag Information    Grade 5 Blizzard Bag

Grade 6  Blizzard Bag Information    December 20

Green Team Grade 7 and 8 :   Blizzard Bag Letter

Orange Team Grade 7 and 8:

Exploratory Blizzard Bag link:


Individual faculty and exploratory teachers contacts are also listed under CONTACT  Faculty, Exploratory on the home page navigation bar, or follow the links below:

For Faculty:

For Exploratory:



Grade 5 Team Page:

Grade 6 Team Page:

Team Green Pages  : 

Green Team Parents: From 2018/2019 TO BE UPDATED  Blizzard Bag Letter


Team Orange Pages:

         Hey Team Orange parents,

Do you need information on what Blizzard Bags looked like last year?  Please use this link:



Art : Mrs. Malone-Smith   Room 121   ext. 2121  email:

MVM Art Blog

Health:      Mrs. Boland     Room 112  ext. 2112    email:

Physical Education:   Mrs. Mason  Room 131 ext. 2131 GYM  email:

Chorus and Music:   Ms. Aldonna Girouard   Rooms 2110A and 2122   ext. 2110 and 2122 email:

Band:  Erik Carlsen   email:

Orchestra :      Juraye Moran     Room 133, Stage   ext. 2133  email:

Library/Media:  Nancy Kane   Library   ext. 2320   email:

Design:         Danny O’Dell        Room 136  ext. 2136  email:


French:     Catherine.Elliot        Room 206   ext. 2206   email:

Spanish:   Davis Heath              Room 209  ext. 2209   email: