W.E.B. Du Bois Regional Middle School

Week at a Glance, News and Notes


Note from the Principal:

Spring is around the corner.  The season of rejuvenation brings a good energy to school.  We wake up from our dormant winter life and get outside more.  I am excited for the spring here at the middle school.  We will be able to be outside, not cooped up in the building.  And this spring coincides with more of our community getting vaccinated, more opportunity to open up easier.  We all deserve this after almost a year of managing this new way of living with a pandemic.  I see it in the students–they have been so compliant, so understanding that things have changed.  But as adults we have the experience to understand the change.  I can see that they want to be human, make those connections, be close to other kids.  We are months away, at best, from that, but the promise of outside, of what is next, is there.

I was in a lot of classrooms last week and this week since we came back from break.  I saw so many excellent lessons for in-person and remote students.  A Science class teaching each other about the structures and molecules in a cell.  A Math class pushing numbers and variables through the distributive property.  An English class sharing responses to poetry. A language class in conversation class trying out new vocabulary.  A Social Studies class grappling with independent projects focused on research.  School has been happening despite how much we have had to change.  I am wondering what we lost this year, and also wondering what we learned as a community.  How will this experience change us?  I think the students are wondering too.

I am giving you another heads up that we will hold Family Conferences in early April.  They will occur on an afternoon and an evening during the week.   Crew Leaders will reach out for times and make appointments to have an online conference.  I will detail the format closer to the conferences, and here is a synopsis: you will connect with your child’s Crew Leader to get an overview of their experience and growth in classes and as a student, as well as an understanding of what to expect for next year.

As always, if you have any questions please email me at ben.doren@bhrsd.org.  If you have questions about classes please email your child’s teacher, and if you have questions about the grade please email your child’s Crew Leader.

Have a good weekend!

Ben Doren



Monday, March 8

Hybrid Learning Day:  Group B In Person (Group C Remote and remote classes)

Tuesday, March 9

Hybrid Learning Day:  Group B In Person (Group C Remote and remote classes)

Wednesday, March 10

Remote Learning Day for all-Crew and Synchronous Learning 8:00-9:30

Thursday, March 11

Hybrid Learning Day:  Group C In Person (Group B Remote and remote classes)

Friday, March 12

Hybrid Learning Day:  Group C In Person (Group B Remote and remote classes)

Lunch Menu


Weather and Your Internet

People often remark that Internet and wireless access can be affected by the weather. Is there any truth to this?  How the weather affects your Internet from Allconnect explains how weather might, or might not, affect your service, and includes self-help do’s and don’ts.

Food Service Update & Reminder

As a reminder to families receiving grocery deliveries – we are asking that you please keep your driveways, walkways, stairs or other house access clear for our staff.  Please keep these areas safe.  If we should have “winter weather” on a Wednesday and the road conditions are not safe, we would not be able to have pick-ups or deliveries.

Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly.  Many thanks as always, Katherine Sullivan, Director of Food Service (413)644-2325 or (855)255-8666.

Food & P-EBT Update: January

P-EBT benefits were issued to EBT or P-EBT cards on 12/30/20. For questions, additional information or to request a new/replacement card please visit https://www.map-ebt.org.

See flyer below for a list of Food Pantries & Meal Sites in Berkshire County.

Hand Hold Massachusetts, a program from the MA Department of Mental Health

You know your child better than anyone. But even you have a few questions.  COVID-19 is putting incredible pressure on families. You might be noticing your child is struggling in new ways, or that old problems are getting worse. Should you worry about your child’s behavioral health? We’re here to help you figure that out.  Follow this link to see advice and resources for families like ours: https://handholdma.org/  And as always, please reach out to us at school if you have concerns about your child or want help or advice on your child’s health.

News from the yearbook club!

Yearbook Club is still looking for yearbook staff. Open to ALL grades!

Contact Mrs. Malone-Smith Katharine.malone-smith@bhrsd.org


Order at jostens.com

School Calendar

The school calendar can be found here:  https://www.bhrsd.org/school-calendar-2020-21/

Flyers and School Letters

Flyers and School letters are available on our website at this link:  https://mvrms.bhrsd.org/category/families/flyers/

This week’s flyers:

  • Southern Berkshire Health Coalition – Parent Subcommittee

  • Great Barrington Little League Registration Information

  • Great Barrington Libraries Newsletter

  • Berkshire Hills Youth Soccer House League Spring 2021

  • Berkshire Hills Youth Soccer Travel League Spring 2021

Recent flyers:

  • BSO Virtual Concert 2021

  • STEM Opportunity:  FREE Virtual Engineering Program for Middle School Girls

  • Babysitter Training Certification

Older flyers:

  • Parent Education Workshop, Monday, Jan. 25 – SBCHC

  • ZOOM Dance Classes – BSRCC

  • Food Pantries & Meal Sites in Berkshire County

  • Project Safe Childhood in the Berkshires Education Series – Internet Safety – Resources

  • Yearbook Order Form

  • Attend BFAIR & UCP Present: Listen to My Actions

  • Yearbook Cover Contest

  • BSRCC’S Shining Star flyer for families that need help this Holiday season

  • Berkshire Museum – 24 hour Pajama Read-a-Thon

  • Ski Wednesday’s at Ski Butternut

  • SC COVID Situation Webinar – Description for Registration Nov 5 2020

  • Family Newsletter from Great Barrington Libraries

  • Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop at BSRCC

  • Holiday Food Service Schedule

  • Ski Butternut Program Proposals

  • Warm the Children Donations

  • STEM Week:  Berkshire Museum

  • Flu Vaccination Clinics

  • Great Barrington Family Resource Center Information

  • Parent Support Group

  • Homework Help

  • Weekly Activities

  • Mindfulness Mondays

  • Babysitter Training @ BSRCC

  • Family Forum Video and Thank You!

  • Health Office letter

  • 5th Grade Family Letter

  • Grade 6 Letter to Families

  • Letter to Grade 6 Parents – Important!

  • Team Green Welcome Letter

  • Team Orange Information Letter

  • Help with P-EBT Card Use

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