W.E.B. Du Bois Regional Middle School

Week at a Glance, News and Notes


Note from the Principal:

We are excited to see students back in school over the next two weeks.  Please see my email from earlier today about the reasons for delaying fifth and sixth grade returning until a week from Monday.  We appreciate your understanding while we have some time to reorganize for a two-day hybrid learning model for all.

Here is the overview of the plans for returning to Hybrid over the next two weeks:

  • The school day will be from 7:45-2:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • Fifth and Sixth grade will return to two day a week Hybrid on 2/8.  Students attending in-person will follow a similar schedule to what they experienced when we were in Hybrid before.  We will take the time needed to re-teach how to be in school in the building through the first weeks of this Hybrid model.  Students attending remotely will also have a similar experience, logging into sessions with their classmates and teachers.

  • Seventh and Eighth grades will continue much like they did in Hybrid previously, starting this Monday, 2/1.  Group B will attend synchronously (in-person or remotely) on Monday and Tuesdays.  Group C will do the same on Thursday and Friday.  Group D will attend on their Group days remotely.  Group A will attend four days a week.  The big shift will be that on remote days students will attend Crew, Math and World Language, so that students will have those classes synchronously four days a week, some days in-person if they come to school on their Group days, and two days remote.  This is so these subjects can have the benefit of daily practice.  The other classes are retaining their two day Group sessions to take advantage of small class sizes to go deeper with curriculum.

  • Wednesdays will be partly synchronous from 8:00-9:35 starting February 3.  Students will have a short Crew for attendance and check in session, then attend a cycle of classes through the weeks for additional synchronous class time.   We will no longer hold office hours due to the shifted schedule.  We will send out the period schedule for Wednesday classes in Crew on Monday and Tuesday, and I will share early next week with families.

  • The middle school, along with the district, may transition between Hybrid and Remote learning models through the winter and spring.  After this initial switch to the Hybrid model detailed in this document we will use this model for 2-Day Hybrid.  We will use the current Remote model for remote learning if we have to go back to remote.

  • Families can continue to choose for their children to remain fully remote through the 2020-2021 School Year as per the Commissioner’s guidelines.


Hybrid Schedules

General Hybrid Schedule for the School

Group BGroup C
Morning CrewMorning Crew
Remote Crew
Additional Synchronous Learning Time
Morning CrewMorning Crew8:00-8:08
Period APeriod APeriod APeriod A8:11-9:00
Period BPeriod BPeriod BPeriod B9:03-9:52
Period CPeriod CAsynchronous Work TimePeriod CPeriod C9:55-10:44
Period L1/D2Period L1/D2Lunch/BreakPeriod L1/D2Period L1/D210:47-11:36
Period L2/D1Period L2/D1
Asynchronous Work Time
Period L2/D1Period L2/D111:39-12:28
Period EPeriod EPeriod EPeriod E12:31-1:20
Period FPeriod FPeriod FPeriod F1:23-2:12
Afternoon CrewAfternoon CrewAfternoon CrewAfternoon Crew2:15-2:45


As always, if you have any questions please email me at ben.doren@bhrsd.org.  If you have questions about classes please email your child’s teacher, and if you have questions about the grade please email your child’s Crew Leader.

Have a good weekend!

Ben Doren




Monday, Feb. 1

Grades 5 & 6 Remote Learning Day for all

Grades 7 & 8 Hybrid Learning Day:  Group B In Person (Group C Remote and remote classes)

Tuesday, Feb. 2

Grades 5 & 6 Remote Learning Day for all

Grades 7 & 8 Hybrid Learning Day:  Group B In Person (Group C Remote and remote classes)

Wednesday, Feb. 3

Remote Learning Day for all

All School and Crew sessions to review transition to Hybrid

Thursday, Feb. 4

Grades 5 & 6 Remote Learning Day for all

Grades 7 & 8 Hybrid Learning Day:  Group C In Person (Group B Remote and remote classes)

Friday, Feb. 5

Grades 5 & 6 Remote Learning Day for all

Grades 7 & 8 Hybrid Learning Day:  Group C In Person (Group B Remote and remote classes)

Lunch Menu


February Vacation note from Peter Dillon, Superintendent

Dear BHRSD Families and Staff,

As February break approaches and families consider travel, I would like you to carefully decide if this is the safest choice.  The bottom line right now is traveling presents a risk, even in the United States.  We know how easily this virus is spread and our entire collective goal is to keep the entire school community healthy, safe and to continue our in-person school option.

In the event you do choose to travel, let me remind you of the state’s travel guidance.  The state is requiring all visitors entering Massachusetts, including returning residents, who do not meet an exemption, are required to:

1) Complete the Massachusetts Travel Form prior to your arrival found here Massachusetts Travel Form.

2) Quarantine for 10 days or produce a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered up to 72 hours prior to your arrival in Massachusetts.  If you are not able to obtain it before entry back to Massachusetts, a test may be obtained after arrival.  However, all such arriving travelers must immediately begin the 10-day quarantine until a negative test result has been received.

The only state as of today that is deemed “low risk” is Hawaii and is considered an exemption.  This may change at any time and is why I encourage you to visit this website for the latest direction from the state as you consider travel, https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-travel-order.

You can also utilize the “Stop the Spread” program available to you at no cost done through Berkshire Health Systems. The phone number is 855-262-5465.  I suggest you call this number to schedule your COVID-19 tests prior to your departure to ensure testing is done within that 72-hour window back to Massachusetts.  Once you receive the tests results, please send them to your school nurse prior to their entry back into the building.

Thank you for your continued support.


pwd sign

Peter Dillon, Superintendent

Yearbook deadline

The deadline for personalized yearbooks is this weekend, January 30th

Order at jostens.com

CLuB Program

From the program: We still have space at April Hill and Berkshire South for families looking for a solution for their kids while we are in fully remote learning, or when we transition to Hybrid for students in 2-day a week schedule. Please use the link to apply to the program if you are interested. We are having a wonderful time, we have free hot lunch every day, we have time to work on remote learning work every day, and we have volunteers from the Southern Berkshire Literacy Network as well as Flying Cloud Institute staff helping students with homework. We have winter gear for everyone who needs ANYTHING. We are doing science every day and the kids are thriving.  The program is FREE to students on free/ reduced lunch program. Please call the program at 413-717-7422 if there are question. Link: https://www.communitylearningintheberkshires.org/apply

Food Service Update & Reminder

Please be advised that starting on Wednesday February 3rd we will be revising our food timeframe for pick-ups and deliveries to 9 am to 12 noon until further notice.

As a reminder to families receiving grocery deliveries – we are asking that you please keep your driveways, walkways, stairs or other house access clear for our staff.  Please keep these areas safe.  If we should have “winter weather” on a Wednesday and the road conditions are not safe, we would not be able to have pick-ups or deliveries.

Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly.  Many thanks as always, Katherine Sullivan, Director of Food Service (413)644-2325 or (855)255-8666.

UPDATE–Student Portraits for Grade 5 students and Retake Day

We have an updated schedule for student portraits retake day and for all 5th grade students.  If we are back in hybrid learning, we will follow this schedule.

Tues. Feb. 23–Cohort B Gr. 6-8.  Retakes for students in grade 6-8 Cohort B.  Or if your Cohort B student was absent for picture day, they can have their picture taken this day.

Tues. Feb. 23–Cohort D.  If your student does not attend in person, and you would like to have their picture retaken, or if you didn’t get your picture taken during our first picture day, please email julie.duffin@bhrsd.org or call 413-644-2300 ext. 2300 to make an appointment.  Appointments will start at 3:00.

Fri. Feb. 26–All grade 5 students and any 6-8 Cohort C retakes.  Or if your student was absent for picture day, they can have their picture taken this day.

Food & P-EBT Update: January

P-EBT benefits were issued to EBT or P-EBT cards on 12/30/20. For questions, additional information or to request a new/replacement card please visit https://www.map-ebt.org.

See flyer below for a list of Food Pantries & Meal Sites in Berkshire County.

Hand Hold Massachusetts, a program from the MA Department of Mental Health

You know your child better than anyone. But even you have a few questions.  COVID-19 is putting incredible pressure on families. You might be noticing your child is struggling in new ways, or that old problems are getting worse. Should you worry about your child’s behavioral health? We’re here to help you figure that out.  Follow this link to see advice and resources for families like ours: https://handholdma.org/  And as always, please reach out to us at school if you have concerns about your child or want help or advice on your child’s health.

News from the yearbook club!

Yearbook Club is still looking for yearbook staff. Open to ALL grades!

Contact Mrs. Malone-Smith Katharine.malone-smith@bhrsd.org

Ski Butternut Program

Ski Wednesday’s for BHRSD students at Ski Butternut.  See flyer below.

School Calendar

The school calendar can be found here:  https://www.bhrsd.org/school-calendar-2020-21/

Flyers and School Letters

Flyers and School letters are available on our website at this link:  https://mvrms.bhrsd.org/category/families/flyers/

This week’s flyers:

  • Project Safe Childhood in the Berkshires Education Series – Internet Safety – Resources

Recent flyers:

  • Parent Education Workshop, Monday, Jan. 25 – SBCHC

  • ZOOM Dance Classes – BSRCC

  • Food Pantries & Meal Sites in Berkshire County