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Week at a Glance, News and Notes


Note from the Principal:

Greetings from the end of the year!  2020 has been quite a whirlwind, and I am eager to see it behind us.  I am hopeful that 2021 holds promise for better engagement between humans, as we deploy a vaccine for the global pandemic, and learn how to make connections between people with these new limitations.  Our vision as a school for the winter and spring is to make sure we have a strong plan for engagement and learning for every student, and continue to build a learning community in this remote and hopefully hybrid world.

I want to take a moment to give my appreciation to families for being partners through this journey.  It is not easy juggling work and family schedules, and not easy making shifts as the schedule shifts through the school year.  I pledge to give families the time needed to prepare for shifts, and to minimize shifts for the balance of the school year.  I also want to thank you for all of the support you have given to your children at home to be engaged at school.  You have learned what it is like to “run school” as we do here in our physical building in “normal” times.  You have done an amazing job at supporting us.

See below for important information on where we will be in the next few weeks after our break.  Much is information I have shared recently, but I still want it in one place for families to review.  As always, please reach out to me at ben.doren@bhrsd.org if you have any feedback or questions for me.  And, again, we so appreciate your partnership in making this education work for our kids in times that none expected to see.

Have a good break!  I hope everyone gets time with family this next week.

Ben Doren



Monday, Dec. 28

No School Today–School Vacation

Tuesday, Dec. 29

No School Today–School Vacation

Wednesday, Dec. 30

No School Today–School Vacation

Thursday, Dec. 31

No School Today–School Vacation

Friday, Jan. 1

No School Today–School Vacation


Du Bois Schedule for the next several weeks

  • We will continue in the current Remote model when we return to school after the New Year on Monday, January 4, for the weeks of January 4 and 11.

  • The district will make a decision around January 8 to say whether we will continue in this Distance model or come back into Hybrid learning model on January 19 or at a later date.

  • See below for the details on our current Distance Learning model, including the description and the schedule.

When we return to school in-person for Hybrid learning at some point this school year we will make some changes.  Families can still choose to have their children remain fully remote.  We will start with a four day a week Hybrid, in-person, model for fifth and sixth grade.  We will have more engagement with students in seventh and eighth grade across the week as they shift between in-person learning two days a week and remote for the other two days.  We will give you plenty of notice as to when we are returning to the Hybrid Learning model before we make the shift next time.

Teachers sent out links to Google Meets for class sessions.  Students will find those links in their school Google Email and Calendar.  Teachers will continue to use the Learning Management System (LMS) to post links and instructions for assignments.  Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have questions about a class.  Reach out to your child’s Crew Leader if you have questions about the grade in general.

Link to Family and Student information on Distance Learning model:


Link to Student version of Distance Learning schedule:


Du Bois Family Forum

We held a Family Forum on 12/15 on what to expect for the school schedule and shifts in the coming weeks and months.  Here is the link to the video and audio recording of the Family Forum:



Student Learning Survey

Below are links to a survey we want students to complete by next Wednesday, 12/23.  Their answers to these questions will help teachers and the school learn how we can better support students in school. The questions ask about, for example, views on how students learn in class, how hard or easy it is for students to think about and solve problems, and thoughts on classroom experience. It is up to the student whether to answer the questions.  Teachers and staff will NOT see answers; answers will be added to the answers of all the students in the grade. The school will use all student answers to better understand classroom experiences.  There are no right or wrong answers. The survey will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The survey is from the Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning, an initiative to promote Deeper Learning in Massachusetts from DESE.

Link to Fifth Grade Survey:


Link to Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade Survey:


Hand Hold Massachusetts, a program from the MA Department of Mental Health

You know your child better than anyone. But even you have a few questions.  COVID-19 is putting incredible pressure on families. You might be noticing your child is struggling in new ways, or that old problems are getting worse. Should you worry about your child’s behavioral health? We’re here to help you figure that out.  Follow this link to see advice and resources for families like ours: https://handholdma.org/  And as always, please reach out to us at school if you have concerns about your child or want help or advice on your child’s health.

Food Service Reminder

Food Service Reminder to families receiving grocery deliveries on Wednesday – we are asking that you please keep your driveways, walkways, stairs or other house access clear for our staff once the winter weather starts.  Please keep these areas safe.  Thank you.

Senior Class Fundraiser

My name is Sage Macken! I am the senior co-class president and for our main fundraiser this year we are doing a Calendar Raffle. I was wondering if you would like to purchase a raffle ticket to help support the class of 2021! Due to COVID 19, our junior year fundraising plans were cut short because we were not able to take the necessary steps to reach our predicted goal due to the school’s shutdown. This put us significantly behind in funds for our class and we haven’t been unable to hold any fundraisers up until this point. Our main goal is to fundraise so that we will be able to help cover the cost of class dues for our classmates on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, whereas they may not be able to afford their own graduation. Due to the pandemic, helping support our fellow classmates whose families are burdened financially is now more important than ever and that’s why it is so important for us to fundraise! I totally understand if buying a ticket is out of the question right now, but I thought I would ask. We are selling each ticket for $10.00 and you have unlimited chances to win! If you are interested in buying a ticket, please let me know! My email is samacken@bhrsdonline.org <3  Thank you for your time and consideration, Sage Macken

(Here is the link to the calendar) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iVpBGvHXNT4u5bX8i3s_5Ej1RdY-FktS/edit

News from the yearbook club!

Yearbook Club is still looking for yearbook staff. Open to ALL grades!

Contact Mrs. Malone-Smith Katharine.malone-smith@bhrsd.org

Ski Butternut Program

Ski Wednesday’s for BHRSD students at Ski Butternut.  See flyer below.

School Calendar

The school calendar can be found here:  https://www.bhrsd.org/school-calendar-2020-21/

Flyers and School Letters

Flyers and School letters are available on our website at this link:  https://mvrms.bhrsd.org/category/families/flyers/

This week’s flyers:

  • Yearbook Order Form

Recent flyers:

  • Attend BFAIR & UCP Present: Listen to My Actions

  • Yearbook Cover Contest

Older flyers:

  • BSRCC’S Shining Star flyer for families that need help this Holiday season

  • Berkshire Museum – 24 hour Pajama Read-a-Thon

  • Ski Wednesday’s at Ski Butternut

  • SC COVID Situation Webinar – Description for Registration Nov 5 2020

  • Family Newsletter from Great Barrington Libraries

  • Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop at BSRCC

  • Holiday Food Service Schedule

  • Ski Butternut Program Proposals

  • Warm the Children Donations

  • STEM Week:  Berkshire Museum

  • Flu Vaccination Clinics

  • Great Barrington Family Resource Center Information

  • Parent Support Group

  • Homework Help

  • Weekly Activities

  • Mindfulness Mondays

  • Babysitter Training @ BSRCC

  • Family Forum Video and Thank You!

  • Health Office letter

  • 5th Grade Family Letter

  • Grade 6 Letter to Families

  • Letter to Grade 6 Parents – Important!

  • Team Green Welcome Letter

  • Team Orange Information Letter

  • Help with P-EBT Card Use

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