Dear Monument Valley Families,

I am excited to announce our new school program starting on Monday. Monument Valley will continue remotely, and we are officially starting the fourth quarter on Monday with classes for your kids. The difference from the past few weeks is that now we are back in business for getting school work done, giving feedback, helping kids grow, and being connected with everyone. Below is an overview of the way the school will work in this remote environment. I also added more times next week when you can come by the school to pick up a ChromeBook for your child. We want to make sure all kids are connected and can do the work. Just come by or drop me an email about what you need. The last sections are reminders about important updates on our websites, and information on food access.

I want to give a big shout out to our staff. The teachers and staff have been working tirelessly to make sure your children have had enrichment activities these past few weeks, that we are connecting to all of our students, and that we have valuable learning activities for your kids to do in the weeks to come. We have never done this kind of schooling before now, so I am eager to see how this goes. We will be making adjustments along the way, learning what works best for your kids. Your feedback has been great this week, both the appreciations and the suggestions.

I also want to acknowledge the efforts of families to make all of this work. I have two kids at home, and I am trying to balance the work here with supporting my family. And my kids are teenagers, so I can only imagine what this is like with younger kids, or with several young kids at home. We are all so appreciative of your efforts and engagement. We want to be partners in this new endeavor, so please let us know what is working, what we need to change, and what is not working.

The goal for this week is to connect with kids. Once we have the connections we can engage them in learning.

Thanks, and be well,


Starting this Monday, April 6, we are shifting back to school on our Remote Learning Platform. This next phase will be coordinated learning activities designed by your child’s teaching team, focused on the learning standards and units of instruction we normally do.

Go to the Monument Valley Grade Teams and Exploratory Links webpage to launch learning! will get you there. Just find your kid’s team, click the link and you are on your way. There is also the link for the Exploratory classes. I left all of the enrichment and other resources I had posted over the past two weeks at the bottom of the page in case you want to extend the learning experiences, and if you need resources to talk to your kids through these difficult times..

Also, your children will receive emails from their teachers inviting them to join their Google Classrooms, which are also linked on the team web pages at the site link above.

Here is what we want you and the students to do:

  • At this point you should have had contact with your child’s Advisor, and possibly other staff from the school. If not, please reach out to your child’s advisor, a school counselor or me. We need to have all students connected.
  • ALL STUDENTS SHOULD CHECK THEIR SCHOOL EMAIL ( ACCOUNT EVERY DAY. This is the way that teachers will communicate with their students.
  • Every teacher will invite each of their students to their Google Classroom. All teachers will use Google Classroom to assign work, track student progress, give feedback, and connect with kids. Many of our students have already used this tool, so will be able to connect easily. Students who have never used Google Classroom or need support will get help from their teachers. Next week the focus will be to connect with and support students, and to get started on teaching and learning for those who are connected.