Monument Valley Regional Middle School

Week at a Glance and News and Notes

Note from the Principal:

This was a great week back.  Everybody came back with great energy from our break.  I got into many classrooms this week, and things are really humming at Monument Valley.  I saw amazing mathematicians struggling with how to explain the relationship between division of decimals to multiplication, and others working hard to explain the relationship between fractions and proportions to work out percents in a way that they can apply to any kind of proportion problem in real life.  I saw scientists debating the differences between physical and chemical changes. I saw designers drawing up prototypes for race cars they are going to construct. In every grade I observed students analyzing their own writing, highlighting the different parts of an argument, looking to add evidence and make a better explanation.  In so many classes I got to walk into a completely silent room, with every kid reading, or every kid reflecting on their reading to share with their teacher. I saw artists experimenting with the color wheel, and then volleyball stars building skills for bump, set, spike, and then a full Ukelele ensemble. I saw students getting keen support in reading and social skills, and others learning about the nuances of grammar in another language.  I also got to try a new language this week to welcome a student who just arrived in this country a few weeks ago. I saw one of our students who is developing physical and cognitive skills ride an adaptive bicycle down the hall in joy. This is a wonderful, diverse learning community, and the teachers and staff work so hard to make sure every student is challenged and supported. It is great to work here!

A reminder that Parent Teacher Conferences are happening at the end of the month, on Wednesday, January 29 from 6pm-8pm, and Friday, January 31, from 12:30pm-3:00pm.  Some grades will be reaching out to you to make appointments for specific time slots. For the older grades please just come when you can in those time windows. The conferences happen in the grade neighborhoods.

Please join us on Monday, January 27, 2020, for our next Parent Advisory Council meeting at 8:15 am.

Ben Doren


Week at a Glance:

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Parent Teacher Conferences

We will hold Parent Teacher Conferences at MVM on the evening of January 29 and the afternoon of January 31.  We have had January conferences in the past, and they have advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that the teachers really know your child by then, and can give deeper feedback.  A disadvantage is that you are not getting feedback you may want until close to the middle of the year. If you have a question for a teacher in the meantime, please reach out to them directly.  We pride ourselves in good communication, so your child’s teachers will already have reached out this fall if they had concerns, and will continue to do so. If you have concerns about your child’s overall academic or social life at school, please reach out to our Guidance Counselor, Kevin Costello.  And remember that PowerSchool has a lot of important information on performance, and the grade websites have good information on current units of study, assignments and projects. Please reach out to our Guidance Secretary, Debra Spence, if you want to get connected to PowerSchool, and follow this link to grade websites.

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