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This was a fabulous week!  The major event was the whole week: Nature’s Classroom.  The entire fifth grade goes to Chimney Corners in Beckett for a week of environmental science, nature, challenge, community and the OORT Report (just ask your kids if they went to Nature’s Classroom—OORT is where it is going on!).  The kids had a fabulous time, and come away with fond memories and lot of learning.  The fifth grade team does a great job planning to make sure the students have the best time they can.  This year Mr. Wheat went for the whole time, and is excited about the connections we can make between the curriculum here at MV and what the students experience at the camp.  The other big highlight was Hamlet at Shakespeare & Company.  The entire eighth grade performed the play with the theater educators.  The educators come once a week for eight weeks to work with every class.  Each section takes a scene from the play, and the entire production is strung together by the different classes.  The performance is at the S&Co. Tina Packer Theater in Lenox, a real highlight.  These two experiences really show the values we have at the middle school: everyone participates, everyone learns, and we expect high quality engagement and activity from everyone in our community.  This is what school should be.  And to do this takes a dedicated faculty working together.  I am so impressed this year by our teachers and staff, how they work together in teams, think about all of the students, and make adjustments based on the needs of students and the grade.


Enjoy this next week.  Make sure the kids get outside, take a walk or bike ride, even a hike.  READ A BOOK, or two, or five.  Play a game.  Enjoy the time with family.


Ben Doren



Week at a Glance:


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REMINDER:  School is closed for Spring Break this week. 

There will be no school from April 15-April 19th. School resumes on April 22nd.



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Lost and Found

Please remind your children to look in our Lost & Found for missing items.  Lost & Found items are currently on display right inside the front doors.  There are many winter coats, hats, gloves, mittens, boots and lots of sweatshirts.  Items that are not claimed will be donated.


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Flyers are available on our website at this link:


This week’s flyers:

  • Color Run @ MMRHS for ages 2-12
  • Kids Circus Camp
  • BINGO ALA MODE Scholarship Fundraiser by Thursday Morning Club Sat. 5/4/19
  • After School Tennis


Last week’s flyers:

  • GSWCM Summer Camp Registration
  • Norman Rockwell Museum April Vacation Events
  • Eisner Day Camp
  • Southern Berkshire Chargers Youth Football


Older flyers:

  • STEM Summer 2019 ~ Flying Cloud
  • Camp Hi-Rock-St James Place
  • The Zoo: a Mason Library Family Event
  • Mason Library Babysitter Training
  • RYSE Opportunity from RSYP
  • Lee Youth Lacrosse
  • Great Barrington Babe Ruth Baseball
  • Great Barrington Softball
  • April Unplugged—BSRCC
  • After School Volleyball @ MVM
  • County Health Rankings Release Event—3/25/19
  • Community Forum:  Weed Is Here, Now What? MPAC on 3/13
  • Cal Ripken 2019 Registration
  • Culinary Apprenticeships: Red Lion Inn-Main Street Hospitality and John Andrews Farmhouse Restaurant


  • Youth Aquatics Program @ BSRCC
  • Life Guard Apprenticeship with RRSYP @ BSRCC
  • Swim-A-Thon @ BSRCC—3/2/19
  • Youth Winter Programs @ BSRCC
  • Great Barrington Little League Registration
  • Berkshire Soccer School Summer 2019
  • Westenhook Girls Basketball Camp Summer 2019
  • BHYSC Spring 2019 Travel Soccer—deadline 2/22/19
  • Berkshire South Membership Promotion—ends 2/28/19
  • Babysitter’s Training—BSRCC
  • Early Childhood Swim Flyer—BSRCC


  • Free Screening of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” at BCD—2/10/19
  • Swim-A-Thon at BSRCC


  • Parent Training:  for parents worried about a child’s relationship to drugs & alcohol with Dr. Jeff Foote
  • Youth Winter Program Flyer—BSRCC
  • February Freeze Action Adventures–BSRCC
  • Free workshop for parents — Children and Anxiety
  • Camp Marshall Summer Camp 2019
  • What Language Learning Looks Like!—Summer Sessions


  • Youth Winter Programs—BSRCC
  • Early Childhood Programs—BSRCC
  • BHYSC SP19 Travel Soccer Player Registration
  • Norman Rockwell Museum and Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center To Present Above the Timberline Radio Play
  • Berkshire County Head Start
  • Winter Fun for Kids at Berkshire South
  • Flying Cloud Institute:  Girls Robotics Club
  • Yearbook Order Form

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