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Week at a Glance and News and Notes

Note from the Principal:

I had a great week at Monument Valley.  It consisted of some amazing moments with student leadership, some difficult moments with students who are struggling, seeing some amazing instruction in classrooms, and planning with faculty for next year.  We have finished our training for the World of Difference Program through the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  The ADL trained about thirty of our seventh and eighth graders and a few of our fifth and sixth graders from student council.  These student representatives are ready to now work with our full student body on addressing bias in our learning community and our larger society.  I met with the group earlier this week to see what they want to do in these next few months.  They want to go down to the elementary school and teach the younger students about diversity, difference and the ways that bias can hurt us in the long run.  They also want to do a week of teaching at the middle school around bias, in advisory and in our lunchtime.  I am really proud of these student leaders—we need kids to step up and show us how to imagine a better world.  I am deeply appreciative of the way our support staff and our teachers and paras take care of struggling students.  In several cases this week we have teamed up around students to make sure they are getting the right supports and connecting with families.  Our schedule and teaming structure allow important conversations to happen in a timely manner, and to call or meet with families so everyone is on board with the supports.  While in classrooms this week I saw some great lessons.  Writing is probably the most essential skill of middle school, and for further educational success writing is the way to make thinking formal and learn how to learn.  I saw a fabulous writing lesson in three different English classes this week, focusing on our wiring program, Self Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD).  SRSD gives all students the tools they need to analyze texts and bring their ideas into writing, scaffolding the process so advanced writers can soar and students who need to learn the basics can have a structured pathway to complex writing.  I saw an inquiry lesson in a math class that pushed students to discuss and debate about the aspects of triangle construction.  Social Studies students were designing the best location for a settlement based on geography and social aspects from the 16th century and comparing to our needs today.  I also am starting to check in with teams about what is going well this year and what we need to adjust.  I am always inspired by our teachers, paras and the way they team.  We have a dedicated faculty.

Enjoy the weekend—we will see your kids on Monday!



Ben Doren


Week at a Glance:

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Monday, March 18

Regular School Day

Tuesday, March 19

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Wednesday, March 20

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Thursday, March 21

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Crazy Sock Day

Friday, March 22

Regular School Day

World Down Syndrome Day

Thursday March 21st the world celebrates by wearing crazy socks! Why on 3/21? Individuals with Down Syndrome have three of the 21st chromosome which makes them so unique.  We will join the rest of the world in celebrating this day by wearing crazy colored or mis-matched socks!

Everyone Swims Survey

Dear Berkshire Community Member, The Red Cross estimates that up to 50% of the people in the United States would not be able to save themselves in water over their heads.  Bard College at Simon’s Rock recently convened a meeting with community organizations in the Southern Berkshire region to address the issue of water safety locally. You are receiving this survey because you are involved with one of these participating organizations.
By taking this survey, you will help us gather information so that we can address the needs of the local community in the best way possible! Please complete this one minute survey by March 15.  All questions are optional. You only need to answer those questions you feel comfortable answering. If you have any questions, please contact me any time.  Thank you for taking the time to help us.  Sincerely, Bill Meier, Facility Director, Kilpatrick Athletic Center, Bard College at Simon’s Rock,   413-528-7776

BHRSD 2019-2020 School Calendar is here: There was a slight change to the Oct PD day.

After School Floor Hockey Feb 25th-April 12th

Grades 7 and 8—Mondays 2:45-3:30

Grades 5 and 6—Wednesdays 2:45-3:30

Students must be picked up at 3:30.  Please contact Mr. Vittum for more information.


After School Ready Set Go! Feb 25th-April 12th

Grades 5 and 6—Mondays 2:45-3:30

Grades 7 and 8—Wednesdays 2:45-3:30

Activity time in the gym!  Student choice sports or games!

Contact Mrs. Mason for more information.


Yearbooks are available for pre-order!

Purchase at or download the order form and please make checks payable to: Monument Valley Activity Fund.

Reminder from the PE Teachers

Although boot season is upon us, please remember sneakers are required for students in all PE classes.


Flyers are available on our website at this link:

This week’s flyers:

  • Great Barrington Babe Ruth Baseball
  • Great Barrington Softball
  • April Unplugged—BSRCC
  • After School Volleyball @ MVM
  • County Health Rankings Release Event—3/25/19

Last week’s flyers:

  • Community Forum:  Weed Is Here, Now What? MPAC on 3/13
  • Cal Ripken 2019 Registration
  • Culinary Apprenticeships: Red Lion Inn-Main Street Hospitality and John Andrews Farmhouse Restaurant


Older flyers:

  • Youth Aquatics Program @ BSRCC
  • Life Guard Apprenticeship with RRSYP @ BSRCC
  • Swim-A-Thon @ BSRCC—3/2/19
  • Youth Winter Programs @ BSRCC
  • Great Barrington Little League Registration
  • Berkshire Soccer School Summer 2019
  • Westenhook Girls Basketball Camp Summer 2019
  • BHYSC Spring 2019 Travel Soccer—deadline 2/22/19
  • Berkshire South Membership Promotion—ends 2/28/19
  • Babysitter’s Training—BSRCC
  • Early Childhood Swim Flyer—BSRCC


  • Free Screening of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” at BCD—2/10/19
  • Swim-A-Thon at BSRCC


  • Parent Training:  for parents worried about a child’s relationship to drugs & alcohol with Dr. Jeff Foote
  • Youth Winter Program Flyer—BSRCC
  • February Freeze Action Adventures–BSRCC
  • Free workshop for parents — Children and Anxiety
  • Camp Marshall Summer Camp 2019
  • What Language Learning Looks Like!—Summer Sessions


  • Youth Winter Programs—BSRCC
  • Early Childhood Programs—BSRCC
  • BHYSC SP19 Travel Soccer Player Registration
  • Norman Rockwell Museum and Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center To Present Above the Timberline Radio Play
  • Berkshire County Head Start
  • Winter Fun for Kids at Berkshire South
  • Flying Cloud Institute:  Girls Robotics Club
  • Yearbook Order Form
  • Stateline Youth Wrestling
  • BSRCC—American Red Cross Learn to Swim Lessons
  • Winter Soccer Clinics
  • Ski Butternut Student and Family Season Pass Application
  • Berkshire HorseWorks Initiative
  • Golden Knights Basketball
  • Housatonic Youth Basketball Registration
  • Great Barrington 4H Club
  • Blue Rider After School Program Flyer
  • Butternut Basin 18/19 Ski/Board Program Application

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