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Week at a Glance and News and Notes

Note from the Principal:


Greetings from a snowy and icy week.  We have one more week until vacation.  Please send your kids to school ready for the day: prepared for class and ready to go outside.  We want all students fully in program, whether it is academics, exploratory classes or recess.  This last week before break is always full of energy, so also talk to your kids about what they are doing in school, and what they are going to accomplish by Friday.  And then a week off to relax and rejuvenate as we patiently wait for spring to arrive.

We had a great Screens and Teens connection for parents and guardians last week, and will have our second session on Friday, February 16, from 8:30-9:30, here at MV.  We will continue to discuss raising tweens and teens in the age of devices and social media, and start to organize ways for us to connect, bring in expert ideas and advice, and support families in making healthy choices with their kids and setting limits.  If you cannot make this session please email me about your ideas, concerns and aspirations. I am sure this will lead to more times for connecting.  Some ideas we are considering are a showing of Screenagers, forums for parents, a website with resources, focusing more of our curriculum on safety and community in the digital age, and bringing in outside experts to work with our students, faculty and families.  See last weeks flyers page, link below, for notes from the meeting and next steps.

Also our next Parent Advisory Council meeting is on Tuesday, February 13, from 3-4 pm.  I have to reschedule the morning meeting next week until after vacation, so that will be on Friday, March 2, from 8:30-9:30 am.  The council is the place where we discuss the big ideas that make MV work so well.  The Screens and Teens idea came from recent discussions.  We will also discuss the five year vision of the school and the upcoming budget for next year that help make the vision a reality.

Ben Doren


Week at a Glance:

Monthly Lunch Menu:

Monday, Feb. 12

Regular School Day

Tuesday, Feb 13

Regular School Day

Wednesday, Feb 14

Regular School Day

Thursday, Feb. 15

Regular School Day

Friday, Feb. 16

½ Day of School

11:30 Dismissal

Big Y Education Express

If you are a Big Y shopper, please go to and register for Education Express.  It is a simple way for our school to earn valuable school supplies.  See flyer for step by step instructions.

After School Floor Hockey with Mr. Vittum

February 26 – April 18


Mondays Grades 5 and 6

Wednesdays Grades 7 and 8

Students must be picked up at 3:30

Please sign up with Mr. Vittum

Ready Set Go! With Mrs. Mason

Is an intramural activity offered after school that focuses on large group games including team sports and cooperative games for all students. It runs from 2:45 -3:30 from February 26 – April 18. Mondays are reserved for grades 7/8 and Wednesdays are reserved for grades 5/6. Students must have rides planned ahead of time for a 3:30 pick-up. Please email or see Mrs. Mason with questions.


A Message from the School Nurse

Dear Parent/Guardian for Grades 6 and 8 Students:

According to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 71, Section 57, all children in grades 5 through 9 receive postural screening during the school year. The purpose of postural screening is to find early signs of possible spinal curvature problems (scoliosis) during the rapid growth of adolescence. It is not a diagnostic service but a program to identify young people who may need further evaluation. If the condition is detected early and appropriately treated, progressive spinal deformity may be prevented.

Monument Valley Regional Middle School will begin doing annual postural screening in late February 2018 during Physical Education classes. Students will be reminded of their scheduled time for screening the day before. The screening test is very simple and can be performed in less than a minute. It is done in privacy unless students prefer to be together. Your child’s back is observed while he/she is standing and bending forward. You will be contacted if there is any reason to have your child examined by a physician. The majority of students exhibit no findings.

Please call Pat Harper, School Nurse at 644-2324 with any concerns or questions. Students will be expected to participate in this screening unless a parent/guardian sends a note to the school nurse excusing their child, along with a copy of a medical note stating that a postural screening has been done within the past 6 months.

Please note: a letter for grade 5 students was sent home with the recent report cards detailing when postural screening is scheduled for them, and grade 7 completed this screening last month.

Note: To assure a view of the spine, students expose their backs during screening. It is recommended that boys wear a shirt that can be easily removed, and that girls wear (or bring) a sports bra, or bathing suit/camisole type top.



Girls on the Run

If you are interested in helping to coach Girls on the Run during the Spring, please contact Jessica Oakley at  See flyer on our website.



Flyers are available on our website at this link:

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