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 Week at a Glance and News and Notes


Note from the Principal:

Brrrr!  A short but cold week.  Despite the arctic freeze we had a great week at Monument Valley.  We were struck by the tone of the school the few days we were in session.  The students came back from the vacation with a surprising focus and jumped right back in.  This is the benefit of good partnering: we try our best to set up learning for your children so it really works, and we feel very supported by you, the families, in getting the kids ready for the experiences.  

 Parent Teacher Conferences

At this point in the year most of you have already checked PowerSchool, and many of you use it as a tool to keep current on your child’s achievement.  Most of our students, especially in the upper grades, use PowerSchool as a way to track their assignments and stay current on what they need to complete.  We encourage you to use PowerSchool, as it is the WAY to understand who your child is progressing through the year.  If you need assistance connecting with PowerSchool please contact Debra Spence, our Guidance Secretary, at school or via email at and she can help you set up your account.  We have moved away from a family knowing a grade or how a child is progressing only a few times a year from the Report Card, to being able to understand how  your child is progressing on a regular basis.  This is a major shift that has occurred over the past four years in assessment at MV: we are moving away from high-stakes summative assessments like tests and end-of-quarter mega-projects, to a performance based assessment program.  Teachers collect information weekly on your child’s growth and publish the information on PowerSchool.  We also value the types of assessments that show us the deeper understanding of units of study—they are called Performance Assessments, and are the essays, lab reports, research paper, math projects, compositions, performances and presentations that show us that your child can apply their understanding in new contexts.  All of this is shared in PowerSchool as well as other online resources that teachers may use such as Google Sites or Google Classroom.  Please make PowerSchool a regular visit for you and your family.

 Here are some links so you can access easily:


Grade Level portals for current class information:


Parent Resources:

 You will notice that now have direct links on our school website to the grade level pages for assignments and current units of study in your child’s classes.  This is now an easy way to find out what the homework is tonight, what the project is this week and what resources are available to complete work.  We also have parent resources for information on the community and collaboration.

 We have Parent Teacher Conferences coming up in a few weeks—the evening of 1/18 from 6:00-8:00, and the afternoon of 1/19 from 12:30-3:00.  The conferences help families who need a few minutes to discuss their child’s performance.  If you have questions about your child now please reach out to the teachers or the teaching team via your child’s advisor.  You can also always reach out to our Guidance Counselor, Kevin Costello, via phone or at, if you are concerned about your child’s progress overall.  You are expected at the conferences in January only if you have questions that you want to discuss or if you want more information on your child.  If you have enough information from PowerSchool, or have gleaned the understanding you need from emails and connecting with teachers, then you do not have to attend.  We are shifting to a culture where important information is shared throughout the year, and not in brief bursts with no context.

 Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council has been going well.  We meet monthly, and it has worked out to have two options for attending—one in the morning and one in the afternoon after school.  The next Parent Advisory Council meetings are on Tuesday, January 16, from 3-4 pm, and also on Thursday, January 18, from 8:30-9:30 am.  The Thursday meeting date is a switch, as we have a Professional development activity with teachers on the date originally planned earlier in the week.  Please mark your calendars and join us—we need your input and feedback.   This next set of meetings will focus on the vision for the school for the next five years, students and electronic devices, and the budget for next year.

 Have a good and warm weekend!

 Ben Doren


 Week at a Glance:

Monthly Lunch Menu:

Monday, Jan. 8

Regular School Day

Tuesday, Jan. 9

Regular School Day

Wednesday, Jan. 10

Regular School Day

Thursday, Jan. 11

Regular School Day

Friday, Jan. 12

Regular School Day

Attendance Reminder

Please be reminded that if your child is going to be absent or late to school to please contact the school.  You may do this either by e-mailing and or by calling the school at 413-644-2300.  Please leave a message if no one answers.  This will help us in knowing that your child is safe and cut down on the numerous phone calls made to verify your child’s whereabouts and tracking of attendance.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Parents/Guardians of Grade 8 French Students: 

You are invited!  We hope that you will be able to attend one (or more!) of the French markets next week.  Grade 8 French students will sell hand-made crafts and goodies.  Leave your money at home – we will provide you with all the paper euros you can spend.  Non-French speakers are welcome, as well as adults who would like to practice their high school or college French!  We’ll have  phrase books and translators ready.  Here are the dates and times of the 2018 markets.  You are welcome to come to as many different markets as you’d like:


Tuesday, January 9  (8:40-9:10

Wednesday, January 10 (1:20-1:50)

Thursday, January 11 (8:10-8:40)

Friday, January 12 (1:15-1:45)


Please contact French teacher Madame Catherine Elliott with any questions or concerns. (

Girls on the Run

If you are interested in helping to coach Girls on the Run during the Spring, please contact Jessica Oakley at  See flyer on our website.

For Grade 7 Students 

Memo from the MV Health Office:  Annual Vision and Postural Screenings for grade 7 are scheduled to take place later in January. Students with a recent physical exam report on file here at school are exempt, as are parent requests to opt-out that include a health provider’s note. Please contact Pat Harper with any questions  644-2324; or     Thank you

School Phone Calls

The phone system at Monument Valley and Muddy Brook was recently updated.  You may notice that calls from the school now show up on your caller ID.  All calls from MVRMS or MBRES will show up as being called from 413-644-2300.  If you call that # or use your “Call Back” feature you will get the middle school.  If a staff member calls regarding your student, they will leave a message so you’ll know who was trying to reach you.  Please check your voicemail before calling the school, as it is difficult for the secretaries to know who was trying to reach you.  Please remind your children to leave a voicemail if they call you from school, so you’ll know what they need and can leave a message to be passed along to your child.


Flyers are available on our website at this link:

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