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Week at a Glance and News and Notes


Note from the Principal:


What an amazing community we have here at Monument Valley.  Our students raised over $1600 for the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief program.  As we started the school year it was very present in students’ and staff’s minds that there was tragedy and suffering in other parts of the country, and we wanted to do something about it.  Mr. Wheat organized the Penny Wars, which brought a fun competition to the Advisories to challenge them to raise money for the relief effort.  It was quite a blast last week, with students binging in pennies to gain points for their Advisory, and other change and bills to bring other Advisories’ points down—the result was an amazing amount of funds collected, which the students feel proud that they raised so much!  This is one of the many community focused activities we do as part of our Advisory program.  We also do a lot of field activity that gets the students out and into the community and landscape.  The sixth and seventh grades at Monument Mountain last week and next week, the eighth grade in Stockbridge today, and our big fifth grade field experience, Nature’s Classroom, in the spring.  There is a lot of planning that goes onto these types of experiences to make them relevant to the curriculum and to the students, and our teachers and paras work hard in their team time every day to make learning as engaging as possible for the kids.  This is a three day weekend, so please make sure your children get some outside time and get their nose in a book— we will see them on Tuesday!


With gratitude for working with your children,


Ben Doren




Week at a Glance:

Monthly Lunch Menu:



Monday, Oct. 9

Columbus Day Holiday—No School


Tuesday, Oct. 10

Regular School Day


Wednesday, Oct. 11

Regular School Day


Thursday, Oct. 12

Regular School Day


Friday, Oct. 13

Regular School Day

Grade 7 Hike to Monument Mountain


Picture Re-Take Day is Wed. Oct. 18th for students who were absent on picture day, or for those who need their portrait package retaken.  If you’d like to order pictures, please use your original order form, or pick up a new form in the office.  If you are having your picture retaken, return your original package to the photographer on retake day.  No order form is necessary.  Please note that retakes are only offered for students who paid for a portrait package, or who were absent the first day.


Hip Hop/ Open Thought Production artists -in-residency program

MV is pleased to host the Nov. 13-17th Hip Hop/ Open Thought Production artists -in-residency program, in collaboration with the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center.

Students who participate in the week-long workshop will work with artists and performers from Open Thought Productions and learn hip hip, spoken word, beat-boxing, Dj’ing and practice making music together. Workshop sessions last one hour per day for the first 4 days of the residency. On the final day of the residency students will travel to the Mahaiwe for rehearsal in preparation of a culminating performance.

The performance at the Mahaiwe Theater on the evening of Nov. 17th includes students from 2 other schools in our area. It is an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone.

If you are interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, please email or call Mrs. Astion.




Flyers are available on our website at this link:


This week’s flyers:

  • Film Opportunity for Students
  • Monster Dash Flyer
  • Families First Flyer
  • Golden Knight Basketball Registration


Last week’s flyers:

  • Antique Fire Truck Show
  • Mason Library Programs
  • Stockbridge Library Family Fun Run
  • Fathers and Family Network Meeting
  • Paul Taylor Dance at the Mahaiwe




2 weeks ago:

  • Year Book Cover Contest
  • Upcoming programs at BSRCC
  • Resilience Documentary Screening


Older Flyers:

  • Concussion presentation
  • Arc Family Conference – Transition to Adult Life – November 4, 2017
  • Basic Rights in Special Education
  • 24th Annual Winter Outerwear Drive
  • Creative Yoga Ballet
  • Swim Club
  • Youth Aquatics
  • Duncan Dancing
  • Fathers & Family Network
  • Halloween Painting Contest
  • ·         Blue Rider Fall 2017 After School Flyer
  • ·         YMCA Camp Hi-Rock Fall into Fun
  • ·         Berkshire Hills Schools Night with the Thunderbirds
  • ·         Cub Scouts
  • ·         Butternut 2017/18 Ski/Board Program
  • ·         Kilpatrick Program Fliers
  • ·         Back to School Fun at BSRCC
  • ·         IS183 Art School Programs

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