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Week at a Glance Sept. 18-22, 2017

Monument Valley Regional Middle School Week at a Glance and News and Notes Note from the Principal:   This was another excellent week at Monument Valley.  I am proud of our learners here at school.  The students are taking their classes so very seriously, and if you walk between classes as Miles Wheat and I do through the week, you will see how productive the students are.  This week definitely felt like we are in the school year, as teachers introduce larger projects and longer timelines—the start of school has happened.  We are even getting going with all of the different clubs and activities for school.  We are excited to share our programs with you on Tuesday.  This September 19 is Meet the Teachers evening.  You can come at 6:00 for the Scholastic Book Fair. At 6:30 I meet all of you in the cafeteria for an introduction, then send you off to the grade neighborhoods to meet the teachers.  They will share a presentation on the program in your child’s grade, and then answer questions.  Exploratory teachers will join the grade team for which they are an Advisor, and will be available at the end of the presentation and Q&A for a connection.  You end the evening back in the cafeteria with me and Miles for a Q&A about the school.  You can visit the Scholastic Book Fair until 8:30 that evening.   Have a great weekend!   Ben Doren Principal     Week at a Glance: Monthly Lunch Menu:   Monday, Sept. 18 Regular School Day   Tuesday, Sept. 19 Regular School Day Meet the Teacher Night 6:30-8:00 Book Fair 6:00-8:30   Wednesday, Sept. 20 Regular School... read more

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Work by the water company on Christian Hill may cause detours or alternative pick up spots from buses. We will share specific updates as we have them. Peter Dillon read more

Week at a Glance Sept. 11-15, 2017

Monument Valley Regional Middle School Week at a Glance and News and Notes   Note from the Principal: Week two was fabulous. It feels like we jumped right back into school and things are humming.  The work the teachers did over the summer and the past weeks really shows.  Your children’s teachers take a lot of care and pride in their practice and the preparation is the key ingredient for success.  The classrooms are full of resources and materials.  The units of study are detailed and often created collaboratively.  The first days and weeks activities are designed to get to know your kids and establish successful routines for learning.  The students get to ask lots of questions and we get to know them.  One of the important ways we do this is through Advisory.  Students start their day, every day, with their advisor, in small groups.  This allows the advisor to check in, see how kids are doing and follow up with questions.  Twice a week we have an extended advisory.  One of them is the community circle we have been doing for the past two years.  This is where we build communication, trust and connections to each other.  The other is a new set of activities, called Academic Advisory.  Students will learn how they learn, set goals and reflect on their growth.  Middle school is an important time for self-awareness and self-discovery, and Advisory is a safe place to explore, share and learn about who we are. It is in the first weeks throughout the day that we really get to know the kids in all of their... read more