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Ithacappella visits MVM Chorus

On Thursday, January 11th, Ithaca College’s only all-male a cappella group named “Ithacappella” from Ithaca, NY, came to Berkshire Hills to work with our middle and high school singers. Both the middle school chorus director, Sunhwa Reiner, and the high school chorus director, Julie Bickford, are graduates from Ithaca College. At the middle school, Ithacapella did a mini beat-boxing workshop with the 5th grade chorus and performed a few short selections for them. On the stage, the 7th/8th grade chorus gathered to hear Ithacappella perform and do full workshop with them. Their conductor, Jacob Kerzner (a native of Sheffield and current music composition major), led discussions about energy and movement in singing, and they showed the students some interactive activities that helped them sing together in rehearsal. The 7th/8th graders performed One Republic’s song “Counting Stars” for them, and Ithacappella helped them sound even better through a few activities. That evening, Ithacappella performed on the stage of Monument Mountain and sang everything from upbeat pop songs to hip hop to a choral arrangement of “Danny Boy.” After intermission, by tradition, they sang a “Serenade Surprise” to one lucky ticket winner, which happened to be our very own 7th grader Tyler Sprague. The whole day was a memorable and meaningful experience for our young singers. This a cappella group showed them what hard work and a lot of fun can look like in... read more

Week at a Glance January 15-19, 2018

Monument Valley Regional Middle School   Week at a Glance and News and Notes   Note from the Principal:   We had our first full week of school in a while, along with some outdoor recess!!!  It felt good to have a normal week, which means lots of energy and a lot or work getting done.  It was great to get around the building this week seeing students so well engaged, struggling with challenging work or really enjoying their classes.  As I have said before, this is a great time of year for learning as students are clear on what we are doing and know the expectations of their grade.   Below is a repeat of last week’s missive, as it has important information on Parent Teacher Conferences and our Advisory Council.   Parent Teacher Conferences At this point in the year most of you have already checked PowerSchool, and many of you use it as a tool to keep current on your child’s achievement.  Most of our students, especially in the upper grades, use PowerSchool as a way to track their assignments and stay current on what they need to complete.  We encourage you to use PowerSchool, as it is the WAY to understand who your child is progressing through the year.  If you need assistance connecting with PowerSchool please contact Debra Spence, our Guidance Secretary, at school or via email at and she can help you set up your account.  We have moved away from a family knowing a grade or how a child is progressing only a few times a year from the Report Card, to being... read more