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Week at a Glance Oct. 24-28

Monument Valley Regional Middle School Week at a Glance and News and Notes October 24-28, 2016   Note from the Principal: We had a great week!  Lot’s of hard work for the students, lot’s of focus.  We ended the week with a half-day, and ended the half-day with a great all-school assembly.  Open Thought Productions is a Hip Hop Education collaborative that does a residency with us and other area middle schools each year, sponsored by the Mahaiwe.  This year they did an assembly with us.  It was a blast.  Students learned about the history of the music, and we had scores of students participating through dancing, playing instruments, helping with spoken word and even beat-boxing.  It was a great community event and inspiring for students and faculty.  Open Thought then spent the afternoon with some of our faculty leading professional development.  The other teachers and paras worked in teams on various projects.  Teachers worked on performance assessments and paras were in a workshop on social-emotional learning.  We take our role very seriously in educating your children, and there professional development afternoons and days are essential for teams to do the good work to get better at our work.  Thank you for the time and support. Have a great weekend! Ben Doren Principal Week at a Glance: Monthly Lunch Menu:   Monday, October 24 After School Newspaper 2:45-3:30 Regular School Day Tuesday, October 25   Regular School Day   Wednesday, October 26   Regular School Day Thursday, October 27   Regular School Day Friday, October 28 Regular School Day   Additional Information and Upcoming Events: PowerSchool PowerSchool is the WAY to learn... read more

Week at a Glance Oct. 17-21, 2016

Monument Valley Regional Middle School Week at a Glance and News and Notes October 17-21, 2016   Note from the Principal: We have a good week ahead of us.  Students are well into the school year by now, and teachers are starting to organize students for unit projects and deeper connections to the material.  I love this time of the year, as there is still lot’s of fresh energy as we embark in the learning journey for the year.  Please take some time to ask about the big activities your child is doing—research projects, essays, memoirs, labs, compositions, creative projects, math reasoning—that help us see the world in new ways.  These are what we call performance assessments, and are what we value at MV for knowing how your child is progressing and how we know that students understand the meaning of the units. A reminder that Friday is a half day for students.  The teachers will be working on departmental goals, the paras are working on deepening their understanding of social and emotional learning, and there is a special workshop on integrating hip hop into the curriculum for some staff.  We are thankful you send your children to us, and do our best to make sure we are prepared to do our best with them Have a great week, and enjoy the warm spell! Ben Doren Principal Week at a Glance: Monthly Lunch Menu:   Monday, October 17 Regular School Day After-school newspaper, 2:45-3:30 in Mrs. Astion’s room, come join us in our blog: Tuesday, October 18   Regular School Day   Wednesday, October 19   Regular School Day Quebec... read more